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Driving Directions

Take Highway 6 from Joensuu towards Lappeenranta for 20 km and turn right to Pyhäselkä, towards Hammaslahti (1st intersection to Hammaslahti).

Drive 300 m and turn right to Pyhäselkä, towards Hammaslahti.

Drive 5,4 km and turn right to Rääkkylä, towards Rasivaara.

Drive 25 km and turn right to Siurlahti. Drive straight, the name of the road changes to Piimälahdentie.

Drive straight along Piimälahdentie road for about 6 km (remain on Piimälahdentie road at intersections). Turn left onto Metsolantie road.

Drive for about 300 m and make a right turn, followed immediately by another right turn. Drive 300 m to Metsolantie 39, your destination.

Please notify the owner of your estimated time of arrival to receive the key.