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Villa Ruusula

Villa Ruusula

The beautiful and sun-drenched, two-storey Villa Ruusula is located on the shores of Lake Pyhäselkä in Rääkkylä, an approximately 40-minute drive from Joensuu. The villa is an excellent locale for holding meetings and courses, organising events or engaging in creative work.

The villa is well-adapted for various small-scale events. Villa Ruusula has hosted birthday parties, confirmation parties and wedding receptions. The kitchen is well-equipped and dinning sets and linen may be rented. Villa Ruusula also organises catering and supplementary programmes upon order, from baking Karelian pasties to kantele courses or fishing trips to hiking tours.

Villa Ruusula is also suitable for children as the building includes a playroom with toys. There is also a playhouse and a trampoline outdoors. Sleds and kicksleds are available in the winter season. The frozen lake offers excellent winter sports opportunities, with the nearest illuminated skiing track located only 7 kms away.

In summertime, guests at Villa Ruusula may enjoy the warmth of a lakeside sauna, a shallow, sandy beach, and a barbecue by the lake. You may also fish directly from the pier or use the Villa Ruusula boat to row among the water rushes and catch perch.

Villa Ruusula offers you space to breathe. The silence calms a busy mind and even a short visit to Ruusula helps you to get away from your day-to-day routines.

Villa Ruusula warmly welcomes all guests!

  • main building: 8-12 beds
  • 7 rooms, kitchen, sauna, 2 open porches and 2 balconies
  • garage for 2 cars
  • separate lakeside sauna (wood-heated) with a changing room, sleeping loft (2-6 people) and a storage heating fireplace
  • additional rooms available for accommodation during the summer season (2 x 6 people)

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