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Sibelius Academy Concert Hall, Helsinki

Wednesday, November 12, 2008. 7:00 pm, Concert Hall, Sibelius Academy

Tickets: 7 / 4 EUR

Lippupiste, tel. 0600 900900



Where does a woman draw her strength from? The lessons of her own mother or family? Her children, worries, hopes, sorrows and joys? Moments of silence or the knowledge that you must go on?

The "Songs by a Karelian woman" concert radiates female energy. The longer a woman's life, the greater the power of her words and the strength of her song. A lived life, each day with its joys and sorrows, brings depth and colour to a woman's song. Joys are celebrated and sorrows are mourned - survival continues, one day at a time. The strength to endure originates from somewhere deep inside.

Sari Kaasinen has focused on the songs of Karelian women for over five years: "I was inspired by Kanteletar and wished to find out more about the typical Karelian woman's world of songs. The lyrical songs in Kanteletar, in all their simplicity, magnificently illustrate the world where the Karelian woman lived. The arc of songs includes her whole life: lullabies, songs of play, young girls' songs when dancing around in a circle, courting songs, wedding songs, songs about worries, curses, prayers and laments all offer us a wonderful picture of the arc of a woman's life and her singing. Songs have also always been essential to rites of passage: when a girl has moved from one stage of her life into another; when she has received advice, teaching and consolation through singing or song. I have strived to find in myself that world of lyrical songs collected into Kanteletar. My life as a girl is over and those songs have already been sung. I wanted to see how deeply I could enter the song world of a Karelian woman using modern methods. The woman in Kanteletar may hum to herself or sing the most beautiful tune she knows to her child. She has cursed when needed or recited spells and utilised the power of her words. In doing so, she has cared for herself and her soul, gained more strength and the ability to persevere. Is it even still possible to find the strength and depth that lies behind those simple tunes arising from silence, to sing in the moment and of the moment?"

Sari Kaasinen is currently finalising her doctoral dissertation in the Artistic programme of the Department of Folk Music at Sibelius Academy. The "Songs by a Karelian woman" concert ends a series of five concerts included in her doctoral dissertation in the Artistic programme.

Her doctoral studies have focused on the arc of singing within a Karelian woman's life: for example, lullabies, songs about worries, spells and laments. The lullaby theme has also generated the songbook Nuku, nuku lapseni - kehtolauluja ja hyräilyhetkiä.

The concert also includes SET'AKAT song group, which is comprised of Mari Kaasinen and Karoliina Kantelinen, in addition to Sari Kaasinen.

Your attendance is warmly welcomed!

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