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Sari Kaasinen

Sari Kaasinen

Musician, composer, artist.


Sari Kaasinen is known as a pioneer of new Karelian folk music, and she is one of the best known names in Finnish folk music. She is remembered as the brilliant leader of Värttinä and Kihaus Folk Music Festival and is an ambassador of Finnish folk music to the world.

Today, Sari Kaasinen can be seen on stage as a soloist or performing with her bands SARI KAASINEN & OTAWA and SET'AKAT.

Sari Kaasinen composes music, writes lyrics and adaptations, and also performs a wide range of music: from children's songs and choral music to compositions for the Finnish traditional harp, kantele. She inspires, educates and trains children and adults, introducing them to folk music all over Finland. The genuine joy and enthusiasm that children express is contagious and generates a positive sentiment that is the best reward for the work done!

Sari Kaasinen is a sought-after speaker and lecturer; her topics include joy, creativity and positive emotions. Karelian folk music, especially the emotional songs sung by women, as well as the atmosphere of continuity and the experience of silence lend the lectures a personal touch.

Sari Kaasinen finalised her doctoral dissertation in the Artistic programme of the Department of Folk Music at Sibelius Academy. She reached Doctor of Music degree in the spring of 2009.